All hail the burrito – America’s fast-casual culinary darling.

la-pa-grill-hand-on-wrapped-burritoAnd with good reason. They’re a fresh, fun way to have all your favorite flavors wrapped up in one delicious bounty – that just happens to fit comfortably in your hand. What’s not to like, right?

Well, even with all that we decided they could be better. We got out our maps and scoured the earth for just the right ingredients. No field, farm, tree, or body of water was left unchecked. And what we came up with was the most interesting, flavorful, and sometimes surprising flavors ever put in a burrito.

We call them World Fusion Burritos. You’ll call them the best damn burritos on the planet.

A favorite in Bozeman since 1996

La Parrilla (or La Pa as it is affectionately known) is a burrito shop that has been a favorite part of the quintessential Bozeman food experience since 1996. Fresh high quality food is grilled and prepared before your eyes blending bold flavors from around the world. Burritos, tacos, bowls and salads are artfully created and personalized for each guest by an eclectic, boisterous, funny (but hey, looks aren’t everything) staff. La Pa puts the whole world in your hands.

La Parrilla originally opened its doors as the brainchild of Zack Anderson. Zack and Pete Strom partnered together for many years creating and operating many restaurant concepts in the Bozeman area including; The Garage – Soup Shack & Mesquite Grill, On The Rise Bakery, The Naked Noodle, Moo Casa Ice Cream, and more. But La Pa was always the one Pete and Zack felt had it all.

La Parrilla - Bozeman, MTIn 2007 La Pa crossed the road. (Why? To get to the other side of course!) The original building was lifted off its foundation and moved across the road to provide better parking, a larger prep and storage space and an expanded patio (not to mention air conditioning). Zack eventually moved to Colorado, getting into the mobile food business and selling his Bozeman restaurant interests to Pete. The crew at La Pa is a hard working, fun loving, talented staff that are like family to one another and to guests. The average staff tenure is 5 years and some have been around more than 10. And then there is the extended family of fabulous La Pa alumni.

Facebook provides the La Pa community, past and present, a great place to connect and have fun. Over 10% of Bozeman ‘Likes’ La Pa on Facebook, where they keep up with the latest scavenger hunts, music suggestions, viral videos, and generally bizarre and humorous musing of the staff and guests. Join the party at