• La Pa Grill wraps up big flavors from around the world, quickly customized before your eyes in hand-held steamed tortillas, bowls, tacos, and salads.
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  • La Pa Grill - Online Ordering - Free Delivery Whether we bring La Pa to you, or if you pick it up, burritos are always good-to-go!

  • La Pa Menu Header1. Choose your Burrito (or Taco, Bowl, Salad); 2. Choose your Meat (or no meat) unless already specified (You get your choice of: Veggie, Chicken, Carnitas, Shrimp, Steak, Fish, Bison, Salmon); 3. Choose your extras (we recommend ‘House Style’); 4. Consume responsibly!
    Fusion and Classic Burritos

    Bombay Bomburrito

    BombayBomburrito-LaPaGrillGinger banana chutney with cilantro lime rice, bamboo shoots, purple cabbage and a spicy green curry sauce.

    Wrap of Khan

    WrapofKhan-LaPaGrillSpicy chili bean spread with cilantro-lime rice, bamboo shoots, purple cabbage and a fiery Thai chili peanut sauce.

    Buffalo Gypsy

    BuffaloGypsy-LaPaGrillAsian marinated and grilled organic bison, Chinese BBQ sauce, cilantro-lime rice, romaine lettuce, spicy bean spread & purple cabbage.


    Shrimp-LaPaGrillShrimp, chicken & andouille sausage with peppers in a fiery Louisiana Cajun sauce along with cilantro-lime rice.

    Bourbon BBQ

    BBQ-LaPaGrillYour choice of meat with our house bourbon BBQ sauce, cilantro-lime rice or Mexican rice and customized with your choice of toppings.

    Blackwater Bayou

    Catfish-LaPaGrillZesty garlic aioli, crunchy catfish fillet and melt-in-your-mouth swiss cheese, served over a bed of lettuce. Recommended with mild, corn, Stash, olives, pepperoncini and malt vinegar.

    The Santa Fe

    Santa Fe Burrito - La Pa GrillBlack beans, corn and roasted red bell peppers in a chipotle cream sauce with your choice of rice or pasta.

    Blackened Salmon

    Salmon-LaPaGrillBlackened wild sockeye salmon, with fresh spinach, cilantro lime rice, balsamic vinaigrette and sun-dried tomato ricotta spread.

    The Clay Special

    ClassicBurrito-LaPaGrillExtra steak (extra charge), cilantro-lime rice, cheddar cheese, ranch dressing & two lines of Stash.

    Fettuccine Alfurrito

    Fettuccine-LaPaGrillA bed of fettuccine, married with a traditional Alfredo sauce. Recommended with shrimp or chicken.

    The Salad Wrap

    ClassicBurrito-LaPaGrillSpinach or romaine lettuce, choice of balsamic vinaigrette, ranch or Caesar dressing with your choice of meat & condiments.

    Create Your Own

    ClassicBurrito-LaPaGrillBuild a creation of your own with anything our kitchen has to offer. (Prices will vary.)

    The Classic (& Fajita Style)

    ClassicBurrito-LaPaGrillA bed of cilantro-lime rice with your choice of black or pinto beans, cheese or sour cream and your choice of salsa and condiments. Ask for it 'Fajita Style' and we'll smother it with sauteed peppers & onions.

    Bowls and Salads

    Go Bowling

    Any of our Classic or Fusion Burritos can be done as a Bowl for only $1 more than their Grande Burrito counterpart!

    Wasabi Salmon Salad

    Blackened wild sockeye salmon served over a bed of spinach, bamboo shoots, cabbage & pico de gallo with a wasabi dressing.

    Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad

    Caesar dressing with grilled chicken, black beans, corn salsa, purple cabbage & romaine lettuce.


    Fish Tacos

    Three beer-battered mediterranean flat-bodied tilapia in soft corn tortillas with a spicy sun-dried tomato ricotta spread, bed of purple cabbage, mild and zesty tomato & chili corn salsa, guac, wasabi vinaigrette and honey-lime cilantro yogurt.

    Classic Tacos

    Three crispy corn or soft flour tortillas with your choice of salsas and condiments. Your choice of: Veggie, Chicken, Carnitas, Steak or Bison.

    Kids Menu
    For kids under 12.

    Bambino Bean & Cheese

    White rice, jack & cheddar cheese, black or pinto beans with your choice of condiments, wrapped in a 10" flour tortilla. Add chicken for a slight upcharge.


    Pretty straight forward. 10" tortilla and cheese! Add chicken for a slight upcharge.

    PBH Tacos

    Two peanut butter & honey tacos served in soft flour tortillas. Mmmm.

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